Why Softgels?

Softgels are the delivery method of the future.

No Smell or Taste Limitations

Most delivery methods are limited to what ingredients they can formulate with due to the smell or taste properties of those respective ingredients. Softgels bypass these limitations and allow for more potential health benefits.

No Question In Dosing

Tinctures are the most commonly used delivery method, but how can you guarantee the correct dosing when there’s so much room for error? You expect the consumer to correctly dose themselves each and every serving? Softgels take the question out of dosing and ensure proper use of the product.

No Questionable Manufacturing Practices

Other delivery methods leave room for question in their manufacturing process. For example: -Gummies can be treated; cheap method of applying active material by spraying or dipping the products, yielding inconsistencies from gummy to gummy. -Press caps are all over the industry but leave room for tampering as the capsules aren’t sealed and can be pulled apart and pressed back together. -Tinctures, lotions, creams, salves, anything in a large container advertising a bulk value of CBD are vulnerable for tampering once opened. Softgels themselves are considered 1 of the 2 required layers of tamper-proof protection by the FDA. Meaning once we encapsulate, the product is what it is and is supported by 3rd party lab testing.


The outer shell of the softgel protects the medicine within it from our acidic digestive system’s so that your body can absorb as much as possible. Other delivery methods can’t say the same, meaning who knows how much medicine you’re actually absorbing. Couple that with our nano capabilities and we can provide products with the utmost efficacy.