American Softgels Inc.

Here at American Softgels, we are a privately owned softgel contract manufacturer with 30+ years of experience in encapsulation. We specialize in providing our clients and brands of all sizes a transparent, trustworthy, turn-key manufacturing solution.

Why Trust Us?

One of the most crucial decisions you’ll make as a brand is choosing a trustworthy, regulations-compliant contract manufacturer that fits your specific needs. Not only that, but manufacturing softgels is a complicated and unique process, vastly different than manufacturing capsules or tablets. Because of this, there are very few reliable softgel manufactures domestically causing long lead times, high MOQs and less innovation. Those are the problems we resolve on a daily basis!


We are FDA registered operating out of our cGMP certified facility in Loyalhanna, PA. We hold third-party GMP certification through NSF and are an approved foreign manufacturer by Health Canada. These internationally recognized, third-party GMP inspections and certifications help assure our customers that the products we manufacture are up to the standards they demand in ensuring their purity, potency, and quality.

Niche Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing softgels is an extremely niche process comparatively speaking to other delivery methods of cannabinoids in the space. To put this into context, there are hundreds, if not thousands of gummy and/or tincture manufacturers in the US alone. Guess how many softgel manufacturers?... Less than 20.

Triple Threat

We provide our customers with fair market pricing (based on ingredients and volume), low MOQs (50k softgels per sku), and short lead times (2-4 weeks).

Innovative Formulation Capabilities

Our formulating team have both studied and instructed their craft all over the world and have a background in Pharmacognosy, organic chemistry and botanical medicine. This allows us to offer our clients the ability to develop custom softgel formulations that wouldn’t otherwise be possible!

Equipment And Quality

Quality is constantly monitored during every step of the manufacturing process to achieve the highest level of technical excellence in softgel production. Another crucial differentiator is the quality of our machinery. Our encapsulation machines are proven, reputable, Japanese made to ensure the tightest tolerances possible.

Custom Packaging

Need help with custom labels, boxes, or other various print/marketing materials? Our packaging partner works directly with our sales team and clients to provide industry leading packaging options that will bring your brand to life!

Reputable, Industry Leading, Repeat Clients

We work with some of the top private/white label distributors and retailers in the space that ship our products to clients world-wide.

Contact Our Sales Team

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