Standard Softgels In Various Potencies

  • CBD Isolate

  • Broad Spectrum (THC Free)

  • Full Spectrum

  • Delta 8 THC

  • CBN

  • CBG

Targeting Blends

  • Energy Boost

  • Sleep Aid

    Sleep Aid

  • Immune Boost

  • Pain Relief

    Pain Relief

  • Focus


  • Calming


Fully Custom Formulations

Available upon request. Contact our sales team for more information.


All of our pricing is based on the fill material ingredients combined with the volume of those respective softgels being ordered at a given time. Contact our sales team for more information.


Our encapsulation MOQ is 50,000 softgels per product

Lead Time

If we’re formulating everything from start to finish, we can have finished product in our clients’ hands in 2-3 weeks consistently. If our client provides a premix ready to encapsulate (with a 3rd party COA), that will shave 1 week off the lead time.

Contact Our Sales Team

Get in touch with our sales team and see why American Softgels is the right fit for your business.